Have you ever stood for too long, or bent over and stretched back up to be met with a pain that shoots through your back? More than likely, you’re experiencing back pain. Back pain can be temporary or long term depending on how much it is overworked. 80-90% of Americans say that they’ve experienced back pain in their life, ranging in ages. Even myself, a 16 year old girl in good health has experienced back pain I didn’t realize was affecting me heavily before I sought help for it. For a long time, like many others, I lived with the pain and just thought it was normal, when in reality, it wasn’t. 

    Your back is very complex, and is made of a structure of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Even tight fascia can be a cause of back pain. On most occasions, people do not experience excruciating back pain within a short period of time, but it actually occurs within a very slow onset. This can occur from everyday work, overworking in workouts, or just daily activities that are repetitive and put strain on the back. Like I’ve said quite frequently in my blog posts, back pain just like any other pain does not have to be tolerated and lived with. A problem always has a solution, and seeking help with your back before it’s too late is the key to improving your body and living a healthy lifestyle.

    When I began to understand that my back pain wasn’t normal for a teenage girl, I knew I had to switch up my habits. There are all kinds of techniques, treatments, and items that Dr. Rose Puente showed me about when I had a firsthand treatment and evaluation about my back pain. By having one session, from a scale of 1 to 10, my pain inarguably went from a 7 to a 2, which is an outstanding improvement. I took into consideration after being treated that the true big picture was it required my own responsibility to change, whether it be monitoring how much strain I put on myself or simply having good posture when doing tasks that required use of my back. After my cupping session, I felt my back was loosening up directly after the treatment and everyday tasks didn’t seem as stressful because I wasn’t hurting anymore. By changing my own habits and seeking the treatment that I truly needed, I improved myself greatly from a personal experience. A painless life is possible, and myself as well as everyone at Agape Tree Physical Therapy want to create that for you!

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