With the importance of fascia comes the aid of helping it keep a balance. While examples such as drinking enough water or maintaining a healthy diet contributes to the overall health of fascia, an important and recommended method by Rose is called “Myofascial Brushing”. 

   Myofascial Brushing is a broad method that benefits the fascia and body in multiple different ways. The specific brush releases fascia and fascia tension based on the area tended to. Have you ever taken off something tight on you and felt a persistent urge to itch? You may feel that annoying itch because of a lack of blood flow in the fascia, and helping release fascia can solve issues just like that one. Dr. Rose Puente can demonstrate beneficial ways to use the brush, and even incorporates it into her own treatments. It has had a huge success with patients, and continues to be beneficial even months after initial treatment if used correctly. After brushing, pain releases almost instantly from the area brushed on. Brushing is not only cheap and easy, but is a method of maintaining fascia health from home.

   Your body is YOUR responsibility, and everyday your mind should be focused on positivity and improvement, making you the best possible version you can be of yourself. Fascia and fascial tension can be improved by yourself in the simplest ways, so why not give it a try!

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