Lots of different small business owners usually choose names that represent their character in some way. When creating something that’s going to reflect you, your lifestyle, and your goals, people end up finding themselves questioning, “well, what DO I represent?”

    “Agape Tree” was no exception to the deeper level of meaning. Rose wanted a name that represented her, represented her goals, and reflected her work. The word “Agape,” means altruistic love, or in a simpler sense, a love for everyone regardless of who they are. After talking face to face, I understood that the real reason behind “Agape,” was because Rose had a clear purpose to not only treat the patient but really dig deep and find the “missing piece of the puzzle,” that so many people struggle to confront daily. Have you ever been told, “you just have to live with it?” Rose’s passion for physical therapy and helping people went beyond the treatment, and went beyond coming to the conclusion that someone “just had to live with it.” When she realized working for others conflicted with that idea, she sought her own path, and Agape Tree Physical Therapy was born. 

     We’ve all been treated unfairly before… It often drives people to negative emotions and a sense of questioning “Why me of all people?” It’s not an uncommon occurrence, and Rose realized this when she felt her patients were being treated unfairly because she was always confined to a certain time or goals. That drove her to a point where she felt negative emotions from seeing little results and transitioned into a business that she could run, and where she could connect on a deeper relationship with patients. Some people view the patient as money, and money is time. Rose viewed the patients as people who needed to be helped, and people who had lost hope and needed that sense of enlightenment, almost a motivation of “help is possible, you just have to seek it.” By taking that extra time, that extra step, people felt more in the care of someone they trusted and someone that had one goal: making them the best possible person they could be. Rose’s endeavors, her representation, and her love for her career and helping people is the sincere and genuine name behind “Agape Tree”. 


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  • Enrique Vazquez says:

    Thank you for sharing the story behind the name “Agape Tree Physical Therapy.” It’s clear that Rose’s passion for helping people goes beyond just providing treatment, but also working to find the root cause of problems and helping patients regain hope and motivation. The concept of “agape” love, or selfless love, really captures the heart of Rose’s work and her dedication to her patients. It’s inspiring to see someone so committed to helping others, and I can understand why so many people trust and feel cared for by Rose. Keep up the great work!

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