It’s become so easy in our lives to overlook our personal wellbeing, and I am no exception to that. I do a lot of things that only meet the bare minimum in my health, and there are so many things I didn’t realize I actually was struggling with. For a long time, I’ve struggled with lower back pain and wrist pain, and that always was something I disregarded because I thought it was “growing pains” or some other minor issue.

     When I came into Agape Tree Physical Therapy, I learned about important things that affected those pains that I had. “Fascia,” is a really important topic Dr. Rose Puente, owner and physical therapist, talked about to me. What was really interesting to me is that fascia affects people of all ages, (I’m only 16, and already struggling with back pains..) and that unhealthy and restricted fascia can lead to all kinds of different problems in your body later on if it is not taken care of.

   Dr. Rose did a phenomenal job in consulting me about different ways I can help improve this pain. What amazed me was that after having a face to face conversation with her, I struggled to sit still and was constantly changing my posture because of my lower back pain. Within a few minutes, she was able to visually realize I was uncomfortable, and showed me different techniques such as using a fascia release brush that almost INSTANTLY improved my back. Afterwards, I was able to sit straight and not have to move so often because the pain had vanished.

    Take this advice from a stubborn teenager to all of you, the pain you’re feeling, regardless of where it is at, is NOT some minor issue! If you have it for a prolonged amount of time, visiting Dr. Puente or even looking into fascia might be absolutely life changing for you because you won’t have to deal with pain that gets in the way of your everyday life. Another important tip I learned is that pushing yourself to drink water consistently throughout the day helps your fascia loosen up, which can also help relieve pain. Prolonged pain can be temporary! It’s just all about meeting the needs to take care of it. Even at a young age I’ve realized that there are so many things inside my body I can work on to make sure I maintain the best possible body, and with her help, I have now been able to work consistently on myself and improve my day to day abilities!

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  • Enrique Vazquez says:

    Great post! It’s really important to pay attention to our bodies and address any pain or discomfort before it becomes a bigger issue. It’s great to hear that Dr. Puente was able to help you with your lower back pain and provide you with techniques and tips to improve your fascia health. It’s also interesting to learn that drinking water consistently can help loosen up fascia and relieve pain. Thanks for sharing your experience and reminding us to prioritize our physical wellbeing.

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